Restoration management

As a result of acidification, eutrophication and desiccation, the quality of nature in the Netherlands has deteriorated significantly. For successful and sustainable restoration management, knowledge of the controlling factors and processes is a requirement. Within the OBN nature knowledge network (formerly Effect Targeted Measures), much knowledge has been developed about these controlling processes for recovery management. Research center B-WARE, together with the Aquatic Ecology & Environmental Biology Department of Radboud University, has made an important contribution there. Consider the restoration of eutrophied and/or acidified fens by dredging and/or restoring the buffer capacity of surface water. Knowledge about internal eutrophication, for example, has ensured that water quality in low moorland systems has improved greatly in recent decades.

Through continuous knowledge development in this field, we have knowledge of controlling biogeochemical processes for nature management. This expertise forms the basis for drawing up concrete recommendations for restoration management in various nature types such as fens, heaths, forests, dunes, high and low moors.

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