Our professional services and skills include research on, and answering of complex questions related to water quality, nature development and water and soil chemistry. The results from basic ecological research are combined with site-specific factors such as soil or water chemistry, current status of flora and fauna, hydrology, site structure and external influences. Depending on the nature of your environmental or ecological issues, the area characteristics and the presence of already collected data, we customize a service package to quickly and specifically address the questions and solve the problems. Over 12 years of experience in environmental projects in the Netherlands, Belgium and abroad warrant optimal recommendations for tackling your problems. With our own laboratory and the connection to the Radboud University Nijmegen, we are able to offer the following services:

  • sampling (water, soil, groundwater, soil pore water, and vegetation samples)
  • processing of water, soil and vegetation samples
  • inventories of flora and fauna
  • destruction of soil and vegetation samples with acids, pressure and heat
  • different extraction methods for soil samples (e.g. Olsen-P, water, salt, strontium chloride and oxalic acid)
  • measurement of pH, alkalinity, ions, inorganic carbon, organic carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, ammonium, nitrate, heavy metals and amino acids with ICP-OES / MS, CFA, TIC, TOC, TN, titration, C / N analyzer and HPLC
  • monitoring of biogeochemistry, flora and fauna
  • interpretation of measurement data
  • recommendations of measures to improve soil or water chemistry (habitat restoration)
  • customer-specific concepts depending on the requirements and wishes
  • concepts for EU to achieve claims regarding Natura 2000 or nitrogen deposition